About Us

Welcome to Event|Full!

Event/Full is the place you will find one-of-a-kind opportunities designed to bring chefs and farmers together in creative and thoughtful pairings with you, your family, or friends. The settings will vary from restaurants, kitchens, farms, your home, or virtually on line.

We know that there is a growing appetite and need for all of us to connect over shared passions, gain a deep understanding of our favorite chefs and know more about the food we eat.  Our environment, our health, and our desire to insure that food is a joyful celebration depends on what we all have to learn from each other.

That is why these events have been crafted with the care to guarantee that they will be an interactive experience with Chicago’s finest chefs, the local farmers that supply the ingredients and with you. All of these entertaining events will introduce new ways of experiencing food while fostering a participative culinary culture in Chicago.

Chicago has long led the way for innovative dining experiences. Event|Full is the next step forward, Please join us.

(Event|Full is a for-profit organization. *100% of proceeds from the events go directly to Chef/ Farmer hosts. A 15% service charge is added at check out.)

About Chef Sarah and Darren

Event|Full was co-founded by Chef Sarah Stegner (James Beard Award winner, Co-Chef & Co-Owner of Prairie Grass Cafe, Founding Member of Green City Market) and Darren Gest (Principal at Deloitte Consulting, Green City Market Board Member, James Beard Foundation Mentor).